Now that’s why we live here. Almost makes that winter (and early spring) madness wort…

..hang on. I’ll wait to assess that later this summer. We have a long way to go before we’re basking in consistently warm temperatures.

And it’s also prudent to mention that not everyone was in the balmy 60s and 70s today. Wind off the water kept both Capes in the measly 50s. It’s that time of year where we separate the haves and the have nots.

Speaking of, I see two sea breeze days (signified by the “cooler coast” icon on the 7 day forecast) this week. Both Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have cooler readings along the coast compared to what we see throughout Metrowest and the Merrimack Valley. Consistently mild air, however. Normal highs are in the mid 50s, lest we forget.

Shower threat is minimal. Tomorrow we’re wet in the morning and then there’s a slight chance of a shower on Friday as we warm it up again. I am seeing a drier than normal trend in the long range (7-10) days with just simple cool fronts passing by with occasional showers. This flies in the face of my fears last week of an extended wet spell. Call it a nervous tick, but I’m always on the lookout for weird trends of wet, cold, warm and dry – especially in the transition seasons. Right now, it’s favoring dry more than wet…but as I stated in the beginning, it’s a long road to summer.


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