Pats in the big ‘Bowl in Arizona, the town all wrapped up in celebration, and the weather’s cooperating in kind. At least, for now.

While we pass the time with cool fronts and weak weather systems, I have that uneasy feeling about the extended forecast – like into next week. It’s like that intense foreshadowing line, “There’s something out there” in the horror movies. Eventually, we find out what’s out there…and it’s not pretty.

I’m not certain of any particular day that looms for us. There’s a threat for a sizable storm Saturday night into Sunday, but at this point is sails out underneath Southern New England. There are other chances next week, in the midweek time frame, but no hard, fast timeline.

In the meantime, we will undergo a pattern change that will put us in a favorable mode for storm development. Big dip in the jet stream (see right) will allow cold air to become firmly established across the Northeast. This has been the missing element since December that has allowed storms to warm us up as they approach. Essentially, the cold and the storms have been out of sync. Once the cold has been pinned across the region, the storms will have something to work with, and precipitation will fall mostly as snow.

Again, we’re flying by the seat of our pants here, so be prepared for an all or nothing outcome in the coming days. We’re on it and we’ll be following everything closely.

While we wait for details, temps will hold in the mid 30s with a bunch of sun in the coming days. Few flurries on Thursday with a weak weather system.


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