Taking A Break

The day is fit for a President…sort of. We will have sunshine all day but it will be seasonably cold with a biting wind early on. The cold is bold but I do think as we work through the afternoon that wind will fade away. A decent afternoon for skiing, snowshoeing,sledding or building forts in the snow. #EmbraceWinter

More snow is on tap for tomorrow. It’s not a major storm but timing works against us as the first flakes arrive by 9am and fall through the day eventually ending around 5pm.If you have work commutes tomorrow the morning commute is easy peasy but travel tomorrow afternoon and evening will get snarled up as 2-3″ of snow is likely across the region (higher amounts outside of Rt.128–our *special* map in the maps section shows snowfall potential).

We also have a warm up on tap this week–especially for Thursday & Friday as 50 degree weather will be within reach for a few days. The warmth will also come with a price—some rain showers but they will be scattered on Wednesday and late in the evening on Friday—plenty of dry weather for skiing this week….if you have the means…it is so choice.