Been a great stretch of warmer than normal temperatures recently. Coming off a March that was over 5 degrees below normal, we’ve managed to squeak out an above normal month – just a little under a degree – so far. This, without a 70 degree day in the city.

If you’re looking for some warmth in the coming days, look away from New England. A cooler than normal pattern is evolving in the long range and it means highs in 70s will be a pipe dream. Heck, we’ll have a hard time making it to normal.

A cool front is bearing down on New England tomorrow, and it has the depth and backing to bring the chill deep into the Northeast and Southeast Canada. Coupled with a block in the upper atmosphere across Western Alaska and the Yukon, it means the cooler than normal temperatures are here to stay…for a while.

This front moving in has a lot of energy with it. Certainly capable of touching off a few downpours and showers, and not out of the question to pop a thunderstorm or two. Now, before you think that it’s too chilly to do that with highs in the 60s, think back to this morning…where we saw storms with temperatures in the 40s. It’s all about the instability in the upper atmosphere, which we have plenty of tomorrow. 

From Thursday on into the weekend, we’ll be dominated by a cool flow of air from Ontario and Quebec. That will keep us in the low and mid 50s for some time. With a warm April sun, this will mean some gusty winds in the afternoons all across New England. 

One advantage to the cool pattern: no soaking storms. 

Pick your poison.


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