Taking It Down

After breaching the 70 degree mark in many communities, the cool air is already in route tonight. A lot of rumblings (and grumblings) about this being the last 70 degree day until spring – but I reserve the right to insert them again in the near future. The pattern may scream cold (especially through the weekend), but it seems the warmth won’t be idled just yet.

Few showers slip by this evening as the front crosses. Clearing late night with a good supply of sun for tomorrow. Different story on Halloween. The clouds will be advancing for the weekend storm and after a cool start, highs will only manage the low/mid 50s. Brr…

Chills to the bone by evening too. Expect temperatures in the upper 40s and a light breeze. Not worried about any showers until after midnight – so the big trick-or-treaters (who are bar-hopping) may get wet from some light mist/drizzle.

And oddly, that’s how I think much of Saturday will play out – damp, but not drenched. Raw, but not frigid. Drops instead of flakes. Yes, the potential for accumulating snow is out. And so is my idea of a change from rain to wet snow. It appears that the storm will zoom away, THEN the cold pours in.

We’re spared the white stuff, but it doesn’t look like we’ll escape the wind. As the storm develops, the air will move in to fill the void. And we’re right in the middle of the it. Gusts on the Cape will be the strongest: 60mph is not out of the question late Saturday and early Sunday as the storm passes far offshore. Elsewhere, I expect gusts in the 25-35 mph range. Some limbs may come down causing isolated power outages, so keep the flashlights and candles nearby…especially with sunset at 4:36 on Sunday.