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People often ask…..Hey bro…on a scale of 1-10, what’s tomorrow’s weather like?…..On a scale of 1-10….what’s our storm looking like? Hahaha….I say…why be pigeonholed into a scale of 1-10 when we can easily take it to 11….like today!

High Pressure is with us through the day and this High Pressure will provide us with ample sunshine and that sunshine, while weaker than July sunshine, can and will push the numbers up near 70 this afternoon. Just a fantastic fall day in front of us.

Tomorrow offers more sunshine but the afternoon temps will be cooler, by about 10 degrees. That’s a cool front doing its thing but when I blog cooler it’s just returning us closer to our normal high of 65. Friday sees another cool front come at us but this one will have a little more moisture to play with so look for a lot of clouds and a few scattered showers by afternoon-evening. Temps are in the mid to upper 60s. Thankfully, this front is flying so it’s long gone just in time for the Holiday Weekend. Plan on dry weather all three days with a warming trend….low 60s on Saturday to the low 70s for Columbus Day.

9 out of 10?


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