We've all done it…taking one for the team…..being a team player…riding shotgun. That will be the role of Tuesday…..to take one for Team Good Weather Day. We need rain and we have it for the day with most towns getting upwards of an inch of rain by late this evening. While this doesn't sound like a fun summer day I think most of us would agree that a rainy Tuesday is far better than a rainy Saturday-Sunday. I'll take it.

Steady rain arrives mid to late morning and is with us for much of the afternoon before tapering early evening. Aside from some minor street flooding in one or two towns the only other risk of significant weather will be a few thunderstorms that have some brief gusty winds this afternoon. Temps will be held in check–70s–for the day but increasing humidity makes it feel borderline tropical by late day.

This weather system sweeps offshore tomorrow morning allowing sunshine to return for many of us on Wednesday. There may be an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon but at a 20% most towns/beaches stay dry. Thursday & Friday look stellar at this time…sunshine with warm temps, low to mid 80s. Thanks Tuesday!


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