Another day basking in the low 60s. Then a special treat as the sun set:

Courtesy @beachbumburkey

Courtesy @stewallen

Now fast forward to the overnight hours. Temps are cooling, the air is still dry, the sky overcast. Rain is swarming off the Southeast Coast and riding a fast jet stream up the Eastern Seaboard. All the while, cold air is trying to push into New England.

Right away, the red lights go off for me. This is a tall order for the atmosphere. A multi-step process to get the cold in here and change the rain to snow. In my experience, it seldom works out – unless you have a powerful storm or nor’easter. This is a quick-moving coastal type system that taps into cold, not necessarily consuming it or absorbing it. Glancing shots such as this rarely make for big snowstorms.

Now the timeline….

First up tomorrow from 7-9: rain. Slowly it will mix with snow in Worcester and surrounding suburbs. Then is slowly works to the coast – to a point – likely stalling around the 128 belt in the afternoon and evening. The final push to the coast will come later at night as the storm departs. And that’s the issue for accumulating snow at the coast. By the time it’s cold enough for the snow to stick, the storm is gone.

“There is another.” (Obi Wan Kenobi) Thanksgiving day, with cold temperatures all around, a weak weather system will ripple through. Light snow will be off and on through the day, possibly accumulating to a coating to as much as an inch areawide. How funny would it be that the city of Boston gets more snow from this little ditty versus the big, ol’ storm tomorrow? Stranger things have happened.

Update later tonight.


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