Tampa, FL man jumped into action after witnessing man drive truck into Home Depot

(WHDH) — A man in Tampa, Florida, Radoune Locktib, jumped into action after witnessing another man drive a truck into a local Home Depot before speeding off.

Locktib said he thought he was watching a terror attack and determined he would chase the driver until police could reach them.

Locktib said, “It’s my duty as an American citizen not to let that happen again. I’m going to go after this guy! I don’t know if this guy had a bomb the car or is going to kill somebody. I’m going to follow this guy!”

Tampa Police arrested the driver after Locktib helped authorities locate him.

However, officials said there are no indications that the driver intended to hurt anyone at this time.

Police confirmed in a phone call that the driver of the truck suffers from mental illness.

No injuries were reported.

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