Taunton man accused of impersonating police officer and stalking woman

TAUNTON, Mass. (WHDH) — A man was arrested after police said he was impersonating a police officer and stalking a woman in Taunton.

Amanda Hindle said she met 46-year-old Kevin Cook several times at two separate Starbucks locations. Employees at the Starbucks recognized Cook from coming in so frequently they called him “Kevin the Cop.” Hindle told police Cook started following her around and making sexual comments to her.

“She came to think that, ‘Maybe, he is stalking me,'” said Taunton Police Lt. Paul Roderick. A police report said Hindle would “shake and tear up” at the thought of Cook.

After Hindle reported Cook, police said they found him in his police interceptor with the engine running at a Starbucks. Police said Cook kept a small knife and police baton in his black Ford SUV. The SUV also had police radios and a cage separating the front seat from the back; police called the SUV amazingly realistic.

Prosecutors said Cook showed police a fake badge on his belt but Cook claimed he never showed a badge. Police said they did not find one on him. His defense attorney, Michael Malloy, said Cook respects the police and admits to having a “fetish for police.”

Cook is being held on $15,000 cash bail.

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