Class Act:

Teddy Cooper

Nominated by:

Jennifer Cooper

Nomination Story:

Raised a total of $6,000 for orphans and widows in Central African Republic.

Ted raised $2,109 last school year by designing and making laminated bookmarks and selling them for $2 each.  This money sent 4 children to school for an entire year.

Raised $4,000 this school year by designing and purchasing rubber bracelets and selling them for $2 each.  This money will feed four children for an entire year or purchase 4,819 meals.

Teddy produced flyers, made speeches, increased awareness of children’s needs in CAR.  The idea began when discussing the needs of the children in CAR two years ago with a visiting priest.  At age 12, Teddy wasn’t aware of the hardships these children face.  He asked the priest “why don’t the kids just help you dig for water?”  A simple question led to a great cause.

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