Teen and cop unknowingly work together to catch burglar

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI (WHDH) — A teenager was walking home from school when he saw a man coming out of his friend’s house.

He immediately texted his friend who called police.

At the same time as the 911 call was being made, a local officer saw a car that just didn’t look right.

About a mile away from the home invasion he pulled the two men over.

“Dispatch comes back with, ‘we just had a call about a home invasion that occurred. Two white males in a white Ford pick up truck,'” said Lt. Rich Rosati of the Gross Pointe Farms Police. “Sergeant Bruno says I have two white males in a white Ford pick up truck right here.”

In the end the teen and the cop didn’t even realize they were working together.

“You know it’s the alertness of that officer, the alertness of that boy who doesn’t hesitate when he sees something that’s not right,” said Lt. Rosati.  “That’s what makes a community safe.”

Watch the video above for the full story.


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