Teen asking friend to prom gets help from Amesbury Police

AMESBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A teenage boy in Amesbury decided to get creative in asking his friend to prom and he contacted the Amesbury Police Department for help.

Last month, junior Drew Everett asked Amesbury Officer John Lannon for help in creating an unforgettable prom proposal. On Wednesday, their plan went into action.

Everett took his friend Chelsea Lynch to dinner and on the way home, Lannon pulled them over. Lannen took Everett to the back of the car, pretending there was alcohol in the truck. Another officer questioned Lynch, who said she was shocked.

The officer took Lynch over to the car’s trunk too, where she was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and a poster asking her to prom. She also recognized Lannon, who is the teens’ track coach.

“It’s good to deal with the kids whether it’s coaching or doing other things like this outside of mundane or typical, routine police work.”

Lynch said yes to Everett’s request.

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