Teen denies fatally shooting man, throwing him from car in Boston

BOSTON (AP) — A teenager charged with killing a man inside a vehicle during a drug robbery in Boston and throwing the victim into the street been held without bail.

Eighteen-year-old Thorus O’Brien, of Brockton, pleaded not guilty to murder Tuesday in the death Sunday of 21-year-old Duncan Ketter.

Prosecutors say a 16-year-old boy arranged to buy marijuana from a woman with Ketter. They say all three got into a vehicle and when it was in motion, an armed O’Brien emerged from the rear area where he had been hidden and demanded the pot. Prosecutors say when he was met with resistance he shot Ketter, who was thrown from the vehicle with the woman.

O’Brien’s attorney says all he knows about the case is from a short police report and he plans to conduct his own investigation.

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