Teen escapes house fire sparked by hoverboard in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. (WHDH) — A quick-thinking teenager managed to escape a fire at his Oregon home that was sparked by a hoverboard.

Matthew Brown, 14, was asleep in his bedroom on the second floor when his brother’s new hoverboard caught fire.

Matthew’s father, Bruce Pettibone, said the hoverboard was not even charging when its batteries ignited. Pettibone said he saw the flames coming from the other room and he grabbed the fire exingtuisher to try to put the fire out. The fire extinguisher was unsuccessful and the hoverboard ended up blocking the stairs, Matthew’s way out.

As his bedroom filled up with smoke, Matthew remembered his family’s fire escape plan. He found the emergency ladder in his closet and made his way to safety by climbing out the window.

“I just want my kids to be prepared so I’m glad it was up there and I’m glad he was prepared and that he knew how to use it,” said Matthew’s mother, Marci Brown.

The company that made the hoverboard had deemed it safe to use.

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