Teen credited with saving Weymouth man’s life in Quincy

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - A teenager is being credited with saving a man’s life in Quincy after she noticed the driver slumped over the wheel of his car.

She said a lot of people didn’t realize something was wrong.

Drivers were honking and yelling, but she quickly realized he needed help.

Kayla Hall spotted the car stopped in the middle of a rotary.

The driver, 56-year-old Walter Callahan of Weymouth, was slumped over.

She was coming home from the mall with her sister and while other cars honked and drove away, or yelled profanities, Hall said she knew something was wrong.

Hall went over to the car and put it in park.

“He didn’t have his hazards on or anything, so I obviously knew something was wrong,” she said.

Callahan had a heart attack, she later learned.

Her quick call to 911 likely saved his life.

Police even called her to thank her for jumping in to help.

“They were like, ‘You did such a good job, you saved this man’s life by being there, if you didn’t stop he probably would have died,” she said.

For Hall, a nursing student at Fitchburg State University, she said she felt like her training kicked in.

“This is like practicing my skills in real life,” she said. “It felt so good to hear he was alive.”

Hall said she posted the experience on Facebook because she thought it was odd so many people drove off and never stopped.

She said Callahan’s family contacted her and thanked her for her selfless actions.

Callahan was placed in a medically induced coma, and woke up fully functioning Saturday.

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