Teen saves 3-year-old sister from burning house

EPPING, N.H. (AP) — Firefighters say a 16-year-old boy saved his 3-year-old sister from their burning home in Epping, New Hampshire.

Julia Hutchins did a head count and found only three of her four children. Her oldest, Brandon, ran back inside the burning home on Oct. 26 and grabbed his sister, Melodi, who was in bed watching “Dora the Explorer.” He ran back down the smoke-filled house.

The fire appears to have started outside the home and has displaced the family of seven.

Going back into the house to save his sister, Brandon said he couldn’t breathe and he was scared. When he came out, he was coughing a lot and his hands were black.

The family is thankful they are safe and that no one was hurt.

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