Teen stabs and kills suspect while protecting family from robbers

PHILADELPHIA (WHDH) — A teen is being hailed as a hero after he stabbed and killed a man who was trying to rob his family.

According Fox 29, 14-year-old Quadir Johnson came to the rescue of his family when he confronted two robbers inside his Philadelphia home.

When the two intruders entered the family’s home, Quadir worked to get his sister out of the house and then went back to help his mother.

“I saw them fighting with my mom’s boyfriend. I had to like, had to stab him. I got the knife. My sister was frozen at the door, so I had to get her outside the house,” Quadir told Fox 29. “I heard them saying he’s gonna kill you. My mom was yelling at the top of her lungs.”

Quadir stabbed one of the burglars in his back, causing the pair to flee. Police said the man later collapsed a half a block away on the front steps of a nearby home. The knife was still intact. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

“I had to protect my family,” the teen said.

His mother Candace says she’s grateful her son was able to safely fend off the intruders.

“Very proud of him,very much so. It took guts. I mean I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t have done it,” she said.

Authorities later identified the dead subject as 42-year-old Craig Jones who, police said, had 20 prior arrests. Police believe the suspects followed Quadir’s mother’s boyfriend home from a neighborhood bar and forced their way into the house looking to rob him, Fox 29 reports.

No charges are expected to be filed. Police continue to search for a second suspect.

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