Teenage girl and dog injured in Dorchester shooting

DORCHESTER, Mass. (WHDH) — A teenage girl and dog were both injured in a shooting early Thursday morning in Dorchester.

The shooting happened at around 1 a.m. Thursday on McClellan Street.

Emergency responders found 18-year-old Dashayaa Mizhari on Page Street, where she apparently tried to run home after getting shot at her friend’s house. Mizhari’s aunt said she was caught in the crossfire of a dispute between two other people who she did not know. She was taken to the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries and remains in critical condition.

As for the dog, police officers stepped in to help the dog’s owner. Ricky Weaks said he was out walking his dog, Felon, when he heard gunshots and ducked. He said Felon ran from the area and he later found him with a gunshot wound to the leg. Police believe Felon saved Weaks by taking a bullet for him.

Weaks picked up Felon and got help from a nearby police officer.

“The officer was nice enough to bring him to the hospital and help me out with my dog,” said Weaks.

At the veterinary hospital, Weaks learned he would not be able to afford the $2,500 in medical bills for Felon. The two police officers and a sergeant who brought him to the hospital decided to pitch in and pay for Felon’s medical bills, with one officer saying it was the right thing to do.

“It’s just a natural human response to somebody in need and to help them out with their family,” said Officer David Lanteigne. “And dogs are family.” Lanteigne said he understands what Weaks is going through; in 2012, his mother’s dog, Lily, needed a leg amputated after she was hit by a train. Lily was injured after pulling her owner to safety when she passed out on the train tracks.

Weaks said he and Felon are both very grateful for the officers’ help.

“For all the bad rap they’ve been getting, that was a good gesture,” said Weaks. “I just thank them, what else can I say?”

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