Teens call police after finding loaded gun

LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) — Three teenage boys called Lawrence Police after they found a loaded gun.

The boys were looking for a lost ball in a patch of brush when they found the gun.

The safety was off — meaning it was ready to fire.

Police believed it could be the gun of Michael Realejo — a man who allegedly fired a gun at a police officer.

“We’re looking at the location, where it's found – it's consistent with where the individual was found, where the officer said he took fire at them. Uh, we've taken the gun now; it's been sent to a lab where we're hoping to get some DNA,” said Chief John Romero of the Lawrence Police Department.

Police arrested that man in June on multiple charges.

Chief Romero said that if you find a gun, call police, and let them handle the weapon.