Teens holding hands add another chapter to their electric love story. 

The two were walking along a tree-lined street in California when lightning struck. 

Holding hands may have been the only thing that saved their lives. 

Teenagers Dylan and Lexis just added another chapter to their teenage love story that includes a striking tale. 

The two were walking along a tree-lined street in southern California when a doctor suspects they were hit by lightning, part of severe thunderstorm that moved through the area Thursday. 

The teenagers say a passerby stopped to say he saw the lightning bolt hit them. The teen’s doctor said their lives were probably spared because of something they were doing while walking down the street.

Doctor Stefan Eynoso suspects the bolt first hit Dylan’s head and traveled through his hands to hers and exited through Lexie’s foot. 

The teens now joke they have an “electric love.” Meanwhile, Lexie’s mom is just happy they were holding hands around the same time she heard the lightning strike. 

Being shot by cupid will probably have longer lasting effects on the couple, who the doctor said are doing just fine.

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