Tennessee winners of Powerball jackpot claim $1.5 billion prize

The first winners of the record setting $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot have come forward to claim their prize. 

They bought the winning ticket in the small town of Munford, Tennessee, and it was one of three winning tickets sold nationwide. 

Security cameras caught the moment John Robinson purchased the winning ticket. His wife Lisa asked him to buy it at their neighborhood grocery store on his way home. 

"She came running in there screaming and crying, ‘You need to check these numbers,’ woke me up out of dead sleep," Robinson said.

"He looked at them three or four times, he said, ‘Baby I think these are the right numbers,’" Lisa Robinson said. 

The town is home to about 6,000 people who are embracing the good fortune that has put them in the national spotlight.

"This is it,” Donald Dixon said. “This is the biggest thing that ever happened in Munford."

The Robinsons’ were on the Today Show Friday morning before presenting their ticket to the Tennessee lottery, making the "win" official.

The couple said they expect very little to change about their lives. Lisa Robinson said she plans to keep working, and they do not plan to move or buy another house.

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