Tensions high between Clinton and Trump campaign managers at Harvard forum

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Tensions were high between Clinton Campaign Aid Jennifer Palmieri and Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway during a round table discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government on Thursday.

Palmieri said Trump’s campaign gave a platform to white supremacists and white nationalists. “It is a very, very important moment in our history of our country, and I think as his presidency goes forward I am going to be very glad to have been part of the campaign that tried to stop it,” Palmieri said, which Conway quickly disputed.

“Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacy had a platform? Are you gonna look me in the face and tell me that?” Conway asked.

Conway added, “Hey guys, we won. You don’t have to respond. I mean, seriously?”

The two provided some behind-the-scenes insight on how the campaigns viewed important events during the election season.

Clinton aide Robby Mook said letters sent in the waning days of the campaign by FBI director James Comey cost Clinton the White House, and Conway credited former Democratic challenger and Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders for helping “soften up” Clinton.

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