Texans lose, donut shop makes Boston cream whiskey donuts

Saugus, MA (WHDH) — Kane’s Donuts in Saugus challenged Houston’s Hugs and Donuts to a playoffs bet.

“We all know the pats are going to win,” said a Kane’s employee “so Hugs and Donuts get ready get your shipping packaging cuz you know you’ll be sending us a dozen donuts. Go Patriots we love you!”

Hugs and Donuts in Houston accepted the challenge and even brought back a New England favorite.

“We’ve brought back the crowd favorite Boston creme whiskey infused delicious filled donut,” said a Hugs and Donut employee, “for when we cream you on Saturday.”

Sure enough the Pats won so now Hugs and Donuts will have to snap pictures of themselves baking Boston cream whiskey donuts and wearing Patriots jerseys.

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