Texas 10-year-old rushed to hospital from Fidget Spinner

Toy trouble is causing concern among parents after a young Texas girl was rushed to the hospital from a Fidget Spinner scare.

Fidget spinners are already being banned in some school districts and now some are wondering if they contain a hidden danger.

Each spinner contains three bearings that add weight to the toy and allow it to spin freely.

But for one 10-year-old in Texas, those bearings almost proved to be fatal when she swallowed one.

Her mother said she heard her daughter making strange noises in the back of the car.

The young girl was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an x-ray and found the piece from the spinner stuck in her throat.

They had to surgically remove the bearing. Luckily, the surgery was a success and she is out of danger.

Companies that create the spinners do put labels on them to warn users that there is a chocking hazard involved.



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