A Texas man has a story of survival after wild weather caused floods that swept his car away. 

The man pulled out his cell phone and started recording the scary situation while he was waiting for help. 

Kerry Packer was driving over a bridge when the raging waters lifted his car, carrying him away and trapping him inside. 

“So you can see I’m floating down some sort of creek in middle of this weather, I’ve call 911,” Kerry said as he recorded the whole thing. “They’ve told me to roll down my windows and stay in the car and hopefully they will be here soon.”

Kerry floated for nearly half a mile. 

Packer’s car was on the verge of tipping over when he grabbed onto a tree branch as he was floating down stream, pulled himself out of his car and climbed up nearly 20 feet. 

From his perch, he took a picture of his car, which was almost completely submerged. 

He was in the tree for almost five hours. 

He passed his time in the tree by calling his wife and said his Boy Scout training is what saved his life. 


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