Texas mom becomes viral sensation after making new friends at daughter’s college orientation

SAN MARCOS, TX (WSVN) — It’s normal to quickly make new friends during freshman orientation at college. But one new student has found out that her own mother is already the most popular person on campus!

Avery Leilani attended her freshman orientation at Texas State University on Monday. But while she was busy getting acquainted with her new surroundings, her mom wasted no time making friends of her own.

While students were being shown around, parents were invited to have dinner on the football field, where Avery’s mom befriended several football players during their practice.

She sent her daughter several pictures of her surrounded by the shirtless athletes, with the message, “I made some friends. Don’t wait up!”

Leilani posted her conversation with her mom on Twitter, where the photos quickly went viral.

Along with her newfound popularity, her mom instantly became an internet sensation as well.

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