A Texas police officer is being hailed as a hero after saving a man’s life. 

According to officials, the man was panicking an struggling in the middle of a lake.

Police officer Kellie Whitehead, of the Forth Worth Police Department, jumped in to rescue him. 

“It seemed like it was the middle of the lake, I’m not sure if it was that far, but it felt like it when I’m swimming out to him,” she said. 

Officer Whitehead said she didn’t stop to think before diving into the lake last week. 

“I was just thinking that, ‘I’m going to get this kid and I’m going to make sure he’s safe,’” she said.     

Dash-cam video from the officer’s patrol car showed her taking off her vest, outer uniform shirt and boots, anything that would weigh her down. Once in the water, she realized the man was in a full blown panic. 

“That’s when I had to come up with a game plan pretty quick,” she said. 

According to police, another witness had already tried to pull the man to shore, but had to swim away before the drowning man pulled him under as well. 

Other officers and paramedics arrived and both were soon safe, but exhausted on the shore. 

The man was taking to the hospital and is expected to be okay. 

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