Texas police search for SWAT team impostor after murder

Authorities are searching for a man suspected in the murder of a 45-year-old fitness instructor found inside of a Dallas, Texas area church.

Police say Missy Bevers was killed inside the North Texas Church early Monday morning. 

Authorities are searching for a man captured on cameras shortly before Bevers arrived at the building. The man was seen in the video wearing SWAT-type tactical gear at the church about 30 minutes before Bevers arrived. 

The boot camp-style class usually takes place outdoors, but rain caused her to move the class inside. 

Bevers’ students found her unresponsive when they arrived at 5 A.M. and called 911. 

EMS workers noticed broken glass and other indications of a struggle, however, nothing was missing from the church. 

“It’s just an odd random situation,” said Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith. 

“…All scenarios are on the table right now,” added Smith. 

Bevers’ husband rushed back from a fishing trip to be with the couple’s three daughters. 

“He’s being strong,” said Chad Tucker, a family member of the Bevers. “He has to be for the daughters and for his family.”

Friends and family gathered for a vigil, late Monday, to give those who knew Bevers a change to grieve. 

Authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder.

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