‘Texting grandma’ invites stranger to Thanksgiving

Mesa, Arizona (NBC) — What all started with an accidental text message, ended in turkey Thursday.

Two virtual strangers, an Arizona grandma and a Pheonix teen, spent part of Thanksgiving together.

After earlier this month, she somehow added him, to a text message thread inviting her family to dinner.

But even after they figured out the mix up, her invitation remained.

The story went viral after Hinton tweeted screenshots of the conversation.

The two met up before the teen went to his real grandma’s for Thanksgiving.

They hope that their chance meeting inspires some love this holiday season.

“People are saying I have faith in humanity again,” said Dench, “and I’m thinking… wow!”

The story spread far enough to get Stovetop’s attention.

The company tweeted that it was giving the pair a year’s supply of stuffing for their party.