Class Act:

Thaddeus Kosciuszek

Nominated by:

Amanda Girard

Nomination Story:

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Thaddeus (known as Teddy) Kosciuszek as a Class Act.  Teddy is a senior at Georgetown Middle/High School.  He is an AP level student, a DJ for school dances, and the go-to tech guy for many teachers throughout the building.  If you have a problem with classroom technology—chances are Teddy will fix it!
Teddy’s passion is, and has been for quite some time, theatrical set/lighting design. This summer Teddy spent his entire summer studying design at Interlaken in Michigan.  He returned to Georgetown determined to revamp the lighting design of the auditorium, and with new-found knowledge of what to do and how to do it.
Teddy has written a proposal for a project that totals $70,000 to accomplish his goal.  To date he has gone through various planning stages, meetings with the Director of the theater program at the school, the principal, the superintendent and all the way to the school committee.  He has received the green light from the school committee to open an account to fund the lighting project for the auditorium.  He has applied for three grants to raise funds towards this goal (I believe the grants are for $10,000, $5000, one more big one) and although the grants are not set in stone yet, there is great promise of funding.  He is working on additional means of fund raising as well, and has done this all independently! There will be great changes to the auditorium within the next year thanks to the efforts and hard work that Teddy has put into this project—that is all fueled by his passion. He has even turned his project into something he will present at the DECA conferences!
Teddy has been an irreplaceable presence at GHS for the past 6 years.  He showed up on the first day of play rehearsal—when he was 12 years old!—and told the director (Ally Viera at the time) that he would like to be in control of all the lights and sound.  He was a tiny little sixth grader and she was astounded at what he was already capable of doing!  He spends countless hours designing, preparing, and actualizing the lighting design for the plays, presentations, fundraisers and just about any event that happens in the auditorium, around school or around town.  Teddy is so worthy of this great honor.

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