Odd little storm coming through tonight. Not big on rain, not big on a warm up, but definitely big on the wind.

We’ll see it tomorrow as this thing winds up in northernmost New England. Gusts could peak near 30-40 mph as the sun returns! Yes, finally a bright day amidst a few gray days.

Also of note, the rising temperatures later tonight and into tomorrow. We’ll get a bounce upward tonight setting the stage for a respectable run at the 60 degree mark tomorrow. Unfortunately with the wind, it may feel a bit cooler.

And cooler it will be Saturday. Highs struggle to make 50 degrees as a batch of rather cold air plunges into New England. This isn’t a long-duration cold snap, however, and just as soon as it settles in, it will be out by Monday. 

Next week is another mild one. Slow ramp up in the temps early, then a much more significant warm up in the latter half of the week.

The mild air will not be denied a cameo this month.


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