It’s been a warm start to the month of November, that maybe even had some of us wondering "Is it really November?!"  Today we got the reminder that Thanksgiving is just 12 days away, and Christmas trees are going up all over the place.  Temps held in the mid to upper 40s through the entire day, with that gusty WNW wind making it feel like it was in the mid to upper 30s.  I saw many winter coats out and about this afternoon.  In my opinion, the best part about breaking out the winter coat for the first time of the season, is finding that $5 bill you forgot you left in the pocket!

Winds are starting to subside this evening, but it’s still breezy in many spots.  Temps are dropping close to freezing already in the suburbs, which means morning lows will be in the upper 20s in those spots.  Lighter winds, clear skies… Both key parts in the recipe for radiational cooling.  

Winds will NOT be as gusty tomorrow, but we’ll still have a bit of a breeze with us.  I guess that means it’s time to do some leaf raking!  It will definitely feel much better than today, with temps topping out in the mid 50s for most.  The weather stays quiet and relatively mild for the next couple of days, but our "warm-up" looks to be delayed (or possibly even put off altogether).  A backdoor cold front will cool our temps again for Tuesday and Wednesday, dropping those highs back into the upper 40s to close to 50.  We can’t complain about that though, because it is close to average for this time of year.  Again, we’re less than two weeks from the smell of pumpkin pie and turkey wafting through the air.

It’s dry through the better part of the week, but then it looks like more rain is on the way by late Thursday.  How much?  We’re a little too far out for fine tuning the details, but we’ll take every drop we can get.  

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