Normally, I’d proclaim a bitterly cold morning in March like this morning as the last bitterly cold morning until next winter but this year I’m not quite sure it won’t happen again. I am sure that it won’t happen again for the next 6-7 days.

I do know that our strong March sunshine will go to work this morning and boost temps into the 30s by early afternoon and some of you away from the ocean may get close to 40 for a few hours. Near the ocean we get a sign of spring…a sea breeze! It won’t be strong but instead just prevent temps from reaching the low 40s. Sunshine will be filtered by some cirrus clouds for much of the afternoon.

On Saturday there won’t be a sea breeze and there will be more sunshine–partially during the morning–going to work and that will boost temps well into the 40s, including the coast. A great day for late winter sport activities! Sunday offers a mix of sun & clouds as well as cooler temps thanks to a cold front. This front does not have arctic air though so afternoon temps can still manage to reach the upper 30s by afternoon.

There is some hub-bub about a storm by the middle of next week……yes, that potential is there but so is the potential that the storm passes harmlessly out to sea south of New England (ala our last storm). Long story short, stay tuned but no need to step down from DEFCON 5 just yet.

Enjoy the thaw!


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