The Association

"Everyone knows it’s windy"–The Association and thanks to Low pressure moving out of New England this morning, you will also know it’s windy by afternoon. Quite windy in fact as wind gusts between 20-30mph are likely. Thankfully this storm is not able to pull arctic air out of Canada with this wind (arctic air is nowhere to be found in southern Canada thanks to our El Nino winter) but that wind will send temps downhill during the day.

We start the day mild–near 50–but as we head into the afternoon, those numbers will begin to lose traction sliding through the 40s. The wind will add insult to injury making it feel like the 30s for much of the afternoon. At least we’ll see some sunshine show up during the day! Windy & chilly this evening–but not too cold if you are planning to attend the Boston Common Tree Lighting this evening.

Tomorrow and into the weekend we see November-like weather! Sunny skies with a warming trend….first with high temps in the mid 40s tomorrow but into the 50s for the upcoming weekend. Great for the Pats game, putting up Christmas lights or even playing some golf! Overall pattern looks to remain mild for at least 2 weeks and perhaps up to Christmas.

El Nino winters are like that…starting slow but making up for cold & snow in March. I looked up 5 other strong-very strong El Nino winters (this is our strongest El Nino since ’97-’98) & found that 4 of the 5 had warmer than normal Decembers.

Enjoy the warmth while it’s here!