Temperatures stepped back a bit this afternoon thanks to a stiff east wind coming in from the Gulf of Maine. Despite that, we were still ABOVE normal for the day. Average highs should be around 77 in Boston this time of year, but we topped out at 79. Either the airmass wasn’t that cool or the water temperatures are very warm.

Ummm…it’s both. 

Water temperatures should be between 66 and 68 for this time of year. Instead, we sit at 71-72. That’s significant…and telling of a warm July/August combo.

Speaking of, this tweet crossed my feed this afternoon:

I counted only 6 days of below temperatures all last month! The rest were at or above normal. 

And that pattern seems to have carried over for the 1st part of this month. Heat and (occasionally) humidity seem to dominate the first part of the month. Sure there may be some fronts that pass to drop our temperatures for a couple of days, but this is a setup that increasingly favors warm over cold.

To say nothing of the lack of rain. Precious few showers or storms will dot our landscape in the coming week to ten days. Get the hoses ready…if you don’t have water restrictions in your town.


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