The Calm Before The Storm. Perhaps one of the most overplayed weather terms around. The science behind it, is that High Pressure is usually ahead of said storm and with High Pressure one usually finds little to no wind. That’s the case now but as we step through the day, High Pressure exits stage left (to the east) which will allow a storm to head this way.

The storm will be too far away today to keep us off the golf courses, bike paths and beaches but it will heave some clouds into New England as the day goes by. We’ll also see a little wind as well. Decent summer day.

There’s not much decent weather tomorrow. Rather impressive storm—especially for August— blasts into New England with rain, wind and flash flooding concerns. This won’t be a “late day storm threat” day, it’s a washout with scattered showers arriving by 7-8am tomorrow that transitions into downpours by afternoon. Most towns will pick up between 1-2″ of rain by nightfall. Welcome for the lawns, gardens, golf courses but a little too much rain for the storm drains so the risk of localized street flooding is with us tomorrow afternoon. Some strong thunderstorms are also possible across southeast MA late in the day. Thankfully the storm peels out of here on Thursday which allows sunshine & pleasant weather to return.


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