Today is a decent winter day with sunshine and afternoon temps in the mid 30s. Even this evening, roads are dry with just cloudy skies (sans areas of refreeze from this afternoon). OK—got that out of the way, let’s talk about a major winter storm heading this way tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s storm will lead to major travel disruption–especially during the morning & early afternoon hours. This storm will have a heavy thump of snow at the beginning from about 7am until 1pm with lighter amounts of snow from 1pm-7pm Wednesday. Some storms start slow then ramp up but this one will hit fast early in the event. This storm will also have ribbon of mixed sleet/rain moving from Cape Cod up the South Shore during the morning hours but I don’t think this mixed ribbon of precipitation makes it into the city of Boston (it definitely doesn’t make it north/west of Boston). See our *Special Map* in the maps section for a detailed snowfall forecast map. The snow will be a heavier, wetter snow than most of our other storms this winter. Some minor power disruption is possible on the South Shore/Cape.

The storm will have wind from the East-northeast gusting at times to 30 mph along the coast but thankfully that wind direction doesn’t last very long AND our high tides are not astronomical so the threat for coastal flooding is minimal at best–perhaps some splashover at the mid afternoon high tide.

The whole thing wraps up between 5-9pm Wednesday and then we are back into the sunshine (some early clouds Thursday) for the remainder of the week. There are signs that yet another storm will affect southern New England late in the weekend/early next week but let’s take this one storm at a time.

Enjoy today. ;o)


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