Some mighty cold temps up in Canada right now…-10 around James Bay–and that cold is coming. There’s nothing to stop it–not even Chris Farley El Nino can help us at this point. Thankfully, this visit from the Polar Vortex will be brief but the timing is slated for the weekend.

Between now & early Saturday Morning (the arrival of that arctic front), our temps will be seasonably cold with temps the next two days running in the upper 20s & low 30s. Tomorrow will also offer another batch of snow showers for us. Like today, these snow showers are nuisance with most cities & towns getting a coating but a few of the snow showers may produce an inch (perhaps even 2"). Best chance of these snow showers would be during the morning hours on #TBT.

Friday we are free of snowflakes but not the cold. In fact, it’s even colder Friday with temps failing to reach 32 degrees–you aint seen nothing yet….that polar express will barrel out of Canada during the day & reach the US/Canadian border by nightfall. On Saturday, the arctic front plows through southern New England and as it does so, a few more snow showers are possible. Like these past few days, a coating-1" is possible with these snow showers but the real concern is the bitter cold.

Temps fall (from grace) all day Saturday with the numbers in the single numbers by evening. Adding insult to injury will be the wind, driving wind chills down to dangerous levels—- -10 to -20 Saturday Night & early Sunday Morning. Sunday is cold all day with most towns starting below zero and only reaching 10 by afternoon.

Thankfully, this is not the start of a bitterly cold pattern as temps bounce right back next week. In fact, our next storm–Tuesday–looks to only start as snow then become mainly rain.

Stay classy.


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