Our powerhouse storm from yesterday is slowly moving away. Most towns picked up between 1-2″ of rain (some had less & some had more). The timing wasn’t very good as I found myself drenched when picking up my kiddo from school—I even had one of those big golf umbrellas but still got soaked!

The storm wasn’t able to shove the September-like warmth & humidity out of here but with time it will feel like October again. That doesn’t happen today though as temps reach the low 70s. That dang humidity is still with us as of blog time (7am) but will lower rapidly this morning–still not a crisp, fall day but it won;t feel like Palm Beach Gardens in July!

Your weekend offers two dry days but also a sharp cooling trend. A potent cool front will charge out of New York state late tomorrow afternoon popping some clouds (and even some sprinkles) across the region and turning those afternoon highs near 70 into Sunday afternoon high temps in the 50s. Breezy weather both days but all in all some good October weather across southern New England.

A brief look into early next week finds another rainstorm but this storm looks more traditional for October…..cool/raw/rainy weather.


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