Think fast! Do you know what day it is?

Yes, it’s Tuesday! But it’s also an election day–which I won’t be surprised if you didn’t know, or worse, don’t much care about.

But it should be a pretty big deal: we’re electing a new congressman–or more likely, a new congresswoman–and elections are the time when we the people, get to change our government by changing the people who make our laws.

But what if it doesn’t matter whom we elect?…because nothing will change no matter whom we choose?

That’s exactly where we are right now.

The odds are pretty good we’ll elect a Democrat, who will replace Democrat Ed Markey, and who will make the same party votes he did.

Isn’t that a definition of no change?

And what if a Republican wins?

The Republicans already have the majority in the House, so this would just make their margin a bit bigger.

And even if we elected the most independent Republican in America, it still wouldn’t change anything, because the Republicans–again–control the House with or without a new representative from Massachusetts. So it will be status quo no matter who goes.

Which is not to say elections don’t matter.

But they don’t all matter equally.

And I’m confident the turnout will reflect that.

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