Get ready for a winter re-run of the Washington follies.

Because there was no compromise Wednesday.

A compromise involves both sides giving, and the democrats and the president aren’t giving up anything.

But that doesn’t make Obama and the Democrats winners, because everybody involved lost in the shutdown showdown.

Because in three months, they’ll be back at it again, battling the Republicans over the budget, the deficit and entitlements.

The Democrats hoped this would be the last time they’d have to make this fight, but it’s not.

President Obama was a big loser.

The President played a very partisan role, continually attacking Republicans, and constantly saying he wouldn’t negotiate.

He paid a price at the polls.

His popularity is down and 74 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

And they are not all Republicans.

But the Republican Party is an even bigger loser.

The GOP split between conservatives and moderates, leaving its leader, the House Speaker, looking helpless and hopeless.

Now the GOP wants a rematch. Please don’t ask me why, because nothing can change until the next election.

But the biggest loser of all is the government, the entire government, our government!

No one can deny it’s broken, we just proved it again.

But how can it be fixed so that two opposing views of the size and scope of government can be accommodated in real compromise?

There is no one in Washington who can say that.

So you can celebrate the end of this shutdown if you’d like to.

But I’m sure you understand why I won’t be.

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