The Many Faces of The Warm Front

 Warm fronts. Some times they create thunderstorms & tornadoes and other times–like today—they create clouds & drizzle. I’ll take the latter any day of the week–including Tuesdays! This warm front has already delivered the goods as many towns are 15-30 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. In fact, the normal high temp for Boston today is 62….that is our current temp (5am)! Despite clouds hanging around for much of the day those temps will reach the lower 70s and even a little humidity too.

We’ll have similar weather tomorrow: warm & humid. The reason for the return to September weather is a slow moving storm out in the Midwest. This storm is powerful and is far reaching and this extended reach is able to grab warmth & humidity from the southern states (Carolina) and heave it up into New England. By Thursday the storm takes aim on us with showers, downpours & even some thunderstorms. The timing isn’t in our favor as most of the heavier downpours occur during the evening commute and through the Pats game(for those going to Gillette). We still need the rain though  as most towns are still running a 4-6″ deficit since August 1st. Plan on a widespread 1″ of rain from this event. We dry out on Friday.