WAYLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - Workers at the Wayland Library say they are puzzled by potatoes that keep popping up outside the building — now the strange spuds are gaining national attention.

“One doesn’t even know what to think! One doesn’t randomly encounter tubers on the lawn,” Assistant Director Andy Moore said.

Moore started discovering the starchy suspects on the library front lawn last week. Each of them appearing a couple of days apart and beautifully baked.

“They’re not unlike most potatoes you’ll see. I believe they were Russett, about four to five inches long, nice brown golden glow to them,” Moore said.

News of the mysterious food has been quickly consumed by the neighborhood.

Sara Benson who lives nearby jokingly said she lives in “constant fear. I just stay inside and don’t come out for fear of potatoes.”

“It’s just, whoa, right at you,” Ella Benson said. “You’re looking at potatoes on the ground. Where did those come from?”

The library put out a Facebook post looking for answers but so far, only theories have been posed.

“The mind reels. I don’t know,” Moore said. “I think the second one was a copycat.”

The staff said the baked potatoes are not doing anything wrong and people seem hungry for a bit of fun. So, for now, they will stay right where they are.

“In memoriam, for people who want to make a pilgrimage, for people who want to pay homage,” Moore said.

There have been rumors that more potatoes have been cropping up along the street but neighbors said they have yet to encounter them.

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