What a messy Monday!  Rain, wind, and even a Severe Thunderstorm Warning to boot… This transition into the colder drier air has created quite the weather battle in our atmosphere.  Some of the notable wind gusts from today:  Block Island, 58 mph, Oak Bluff, 62 mph; Hyannis 44 mph.  Nantucket probably saw the worst of it all with a pretty strong cell moving through that brought heavy downpours in a very short amount of time.  The winds were what we were really watching out for but they kicked up this evening and moved out along with the line of storms.  Now we can say, the worst is over – and once the showers dry up late tonight (10-11pm), much drier and COLDER air will work in.

It was not only messy on Monday, but also a bit wacky with the temperatures.  Worcester County couldn’t make it out of the 30s for highs this afternoon, but areas along the Cape warmed into the 60s!  How’s that for a “fro-pa” (frontal passage)?!

 Ready for an arctic blast?  As I just mentioned, Worcester County is… as they didn’t get spoiled with any mild air today.  However, there’s enough of that cold air to go around, and we all get to share in the magic tomorrow. Once the temps plummet overnight tonight they won’t really make a good fight at rebounding until the beginning of next week!  More sunshine is in store for us, but highs will struggle to get above freezing and a chilly breeze will bring wind chill readings down into the 20s.  I saw on Facebook today someone posted, “It’s National ‘Let’s Hate Florida’ Day” because the rest of the country (with the exception of the Sunshine State) is shivering with temperatures well below seasonal averages.  At least we’re not alone.

I said it tonight, “I don’t want to promise you the moon,” BUT it looks like our temperatures could rebound into the beginning of next week… and I mean rebound.  Stay tuned! 

I’m off to get myself a “Bubble Umbrella” for the next storm (thank you for all of the suggestions on Twitter!!). – Bri



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