With yet another mild day yesterday, we’re now running exactly 10 degrees above average for the month of December, so far.  Because it’s been SO mild throughout this month, you may have found yourself wondering "what does normal feel like?"  I often ponder on this thought myself… but not always in terms of weather.  :c)  I digress… TODAY’s highs were "normal" for this time of year, but it was a shock to the system when you take into account what our "new normal" has become:  MILD.

Believe it or not, today will go down on the calendar as another "above average" day.  This is because the low this morning for Boston was 36° (which is above climatological norms).  To find the average for the day you must take the low and the high, add them together and divide by two.  So, with a low of 36° and a high of 40°, you come up with an average of 38°.  Look, we’ll skip right to the punch:  Today will go into the books as another ABOVE average day, even though we were all bundled up craving hot cocoa on this Saturday.  I put another "orange box" on the temp calendar… and there will be more of those to come next week.

You know, 40° under sunshine wouldn’t have felt as cold today if we hadn’t had the blustery wind to contend with.  That was taking wind chill readings ("real feel") down below freezing.  That breeze is with us through the night, though not as strong as today.  Depending on how strong the breeze is though, will dictate how low the temps drop tonight.  I always talk about how the cloud cover can keep our temps from free-falling overnight.  Well, wind can have a similar effect.  Wind can hinder radiative cooling, therefore keeping our temps from free-falling.  Though, it’s still a cold night ahead no matter what!  Looks like mid 20s for most, with wind chill readings in the teens!

Tomorrow is another chilly day, but very typical weather for being just a few days away from Christmas.  We’ll be under mostly sunny skies, highs near 40 once again, and a breeze adding a chill to the air.  If you’ve been loving this weekend of more "normal" December weather, I’m sorry to tell you that we’ll be very quickly coming out of hibernation on Monday.  Put that winter coat away!  Another temp boost is in store.

Monday through Wednesday will feature temps in the 50s.  We also have clouds hanging around with us for the better part of this week.  Slight chance of showers on Monday (10%), more likely to see isolated showers on Tuesday (30%), and late Wednesday even more likely for some showers (60%).  Once again, we’re talking rain (rather than snow).  And the temps continue to climb from there… into the 60s for Christmas Eve.  I hope Santa got the memo that he won’t have to acclimate much if he travels to Boston from Bermuda on Thursday night!  :c)  Have a great weekend.  – Breezy

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