The Omega Blues

It sounds like something from Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds or any of those classic comedies about college fraternities.  Meteorologists call it an "Omega" pattern.  That’s because if you stand back, squint your eyes, and stare at weather maps from the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, it almost looks like the Greek letter Omega.  Its twisted and curvy and you can imagine that if you tried to straighten it out, you’d have a difficult time.  In other words, the atmosphere is bent all out of shape and it will take awhile to get it straightened out.  The point is, we are going to be stuck with the same weather for several days.

It begins on Monday as a cold front approaches.  There is a slight chance that we might see a few snow flakes in western MA or VT in the pre-dawn hours during the coldest part of the day.  However, we will be on the warm side of the front on Monday so temps will quickly climb after sunrise and Monday will end up being one of the warmest days this week.  Skies will be cloudy and we can’t rule out a few sprinkles or light rain showers here and there but we aren’t expecting much measurable precipitation at all.  Overall, other than some gusty winds, I think the Sox home opener will be OK weather-wise.

The cold front will be right on top of us Tuesday afternoon and that will be the best chance of rain this week.  In fact, some heavier showers and even a rumble of thunder will be possible.  So, the second game of the Sox season might be in trouble.  The front moves over to the coastline Tuesday evening and then it stays there, and stays there, and stays there. 

Waves of moisture move up the front on occasion keeping clouds and periods of rain in the forecast for the next several days.  Its tough to time those waves of moisture exactly this far out.  So I can’t tell you exactly when it will rain, just that there is a chance of rain off and on beginning Wednesday and lasting through Saturday.  Neither day will be a washout, just a chance for rain off and on..  Winds will be onshore for most of this time and water temps are only in the low 40s.  That will cap temperatures at the mid 40s near the coast.  Areas well inland could see some low to mid 50s.  Either way it will be a bit cooler than "normal" for mid April.  To summarize, for fours days, Wednesday through Saturday, it will be mostly cloudy and cool with a slight chance for rain here and there.

I know everyone wants to know about Marathon Monday.  All I can tell you at this point is that this "Omega" pattern is VERY tough to breakdown and it tends to stick around a lot longer than we might initially think.  So, even though it looks like we might see a clearing trend by the end of the weekend, I’m not counting on it just yet.  If I had to guess, I would say partly to mostly cloudy skies for Marathon Monday with high temps in the low to mid 50s but don’t hold me to that.

Bottom-line, enjoy Sunday’s sunshine while it lasts because there isn’t much sunshine in the coming week.