The Pretender

Far and away…that describes the storm this morning. Even on the Cape and Islands, amounts were paltry. Clearly this storm was a pretender. And although there are threats looming in the long range, it seems that the cold to come this week will again steer away the storms.

In other news, numbers are in for the meteorological winter of 2013-14…and it’s just as we expected – cold, but not record-setting:

Now onto this week. Hope you like those snowbanks. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bitter night turns into a very cold Tuesday. The issue with this week is the sun…or lack thereof. With light winds, full sun could do wonders for us – making it feel a good 20 degrees warmer. Instead, we dart in and out of the clouds through Thursday. Translated: if it starts bright, the afternoon is cloudy (just when we need the sun’s warmth). When it starts cloudy, the afternoon brightens up. Friday is the only totally bright day I see at this point, and it’s no coincidence that the temperatures cross the 40 degree threshold.

We’ll keep you apprised on any storm threat later this week.