(WHDH) — One NFL team is debuting a new tool to keep everyone safe. That tool has been nick-named the “COVID-Killing Robot.”

The Carolina Panthers is the first organization in the league to use the Xenex Light Strike Robot, a powerful germ destroying robot that creators and team believe will reduce the risk of COVID-19 for staff, players and fans.

“We wanted to make sure that this was the safest possible stadium that could be in the NFL,” The Panther’s Director of Security Eddie Levins said.

“The Light Strike Robot is the only device that has been proven to kill SARS/COVI-2, that causes Covid-19, – in 2 minutes. It kills it to 99.99%. That’s the limit of the test,” Xenex CEO Morris Miller explained

The device was tested at Texas Biomedical Institute and its effectiveness has been supported by more than 40 studies. The robot has been published in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

Miller said that by killing 99.9 percent of pathogens — including COVID-19 — the robot provides peace of mind.

“That the stadium, locker room, bus or airplane that they’re on – is as pathogen-free as it can possibly be,” he said.

As the first team in the NFL to utilize the robot, members of the organization said their players are now free to focus more on the game.

“But also that fans could feel like this is the safest place and the cleanest space that they could possibly come to enjoy a football game,” Levins said.

So far, six NFL teams, including the New England Patriots, have reported positive coronavirus cases.



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