Wacky day yesterday with rain, thunderstorms and even some hail in those t-storms. That storm is outta here but the storm is so intense that it has generated some fiesty wind gusts overnight and that will last through the day. Wind gusts are already (5am) gusting over 30 mph and likely to see wind gusts over 40 mph later this morning and afternoon. The good news is that this wind is dry and not loaded with cold air so look for sunshine & temps in the mid & upper 50s.

On Friday, we lose the wind but we will also lose some sunshine especially by afternoon. It is a decent spring day with  afternoon temps reaching the low 60s (mid 50s along the coast with a sea breeze). Take in some sunshine if you can…..

…..because you won’t see much of it this weekend. Say what?! Yup, Saturday is washed out with periods of rain for the entire day and it will be a chilly rain too with most cities & towns (not just a cooler coast thing) struggling to make it out of the 40s. Sounds like a great day to watch the Bs.

Sunday will start with the same clouds from Saturday and I’m hoping that enough dry air chews up some of those clouds by Sunday afternoon. By default Sunday will be the nicer of the two weekend days but neither day will come close to this past weekend’s weather. #ItIsWhatItIs


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